Rethinking Useful Spaces

Almost everyone has a space in their home that could be so much more. This was exactly the case at the Pfohl residence. Before we began, their living room was just a closed off space in the back of the house. It had low ceilings, not enough natural light and a sliding door that led to the patio. It wasn’t an inviting space.

So, we re-thought the whole thing.

First, we vaulted the ceilings. Then, we removed the vinyl slider and replaced it with a modern garage door with clear windows so they could close off the new living space, but it also wouldn’t feel like a solid wall when it was closed. We added more windows on the opposing wall, and then we installed parallam collar ties (super trendy!) for structural integrity, but also to bring some character into the space. And finished with insulation and drywall.

Now, it’s a blank palette and a truly functional living space.

No matter how they choose to paint and furnish the space, they are bound to be more comfortable and satisfied with their new indoor-outdoor living room.



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