Why Kelsey-Colt?

After 28 years of business, we know the types of people that will benefit most from our style of work… people who want to discuss their needs and options, people who are interested in using creative materials, people who have an open mind about how to achieve an aesthetic, and people who do not need it done yesterday.

We are small and we like it that way. There are plenty of construction groups who can get it done fast. Or cheap. Or fast and cheap. But we’re not that kind of company. We’re going to quote a fair price for thoughtful and quality work. And we’ll collaborate with you every step of the way so that we can fulfill your vision for any room in your house… or the whole house as the case may be.

Here are a few progress pics from a home we built in Mission Hills. The challenging lot (a very steep hill) proved to be the beauty in the final product.

missionhillshome1Mission Hills home partway through remodel

Interior beams on a new Mission Hills home

A new home in MIssion Hills

Progress photo on the back side of a new Mission Hills home


Looking down on the Mission Hills home from the top of the property



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