For the Creative Types

This is where we do our finest work

We are passionate about working on special projects that require creativity and thoughtful attention to detail.

For instance, in my own home, I wanted to make the second level façade feel like an exterior. We applied siding and installed replica antique stained glass windows, which also served to add light to the closet on the other side. We also selected some exterior light fixtures to complete the effect.

Creative interior san diego homeinterior facade san diego home

There are a variety of unique features inside this La Mesa bathroom including the recessed shower floor with a teak platform, the incorporation of a family member’s old butcher’s block for the sink, and hand selected Mexican tiles throughout.

mexicanbath1 mexicanbath2 mexicanbath3

While the kitchen we remodeled for a family in El Cajon is standard in most respects, we again brought the outside in by adding a faux skylight, which gives visitors the feeling they’re looking at the sky, just like The Venetian.

faux skylight in el cajon kitchen



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