Restoring and Remodeling in Mission Hills

Some of our favorite projects over the years have included the element of restoration. And when it comes to Mission Hills, there are a lot of properties that have beautiful features or materials that simply need to be restored. They need some TLC and purpose in a new design.

We recently completed a restoration and remodel in Mission Hills (on a house that was 100 years old!) that successfully blended new with repurposed old for a one-of-a-kind retreat for a busy young professional.

Here are some of our favorite features, starting with the “La Cantina” doors that open up the entire wall…



One thought on “Restoring and Remodeling in Mission Hills

  1. joe says:

    Really liking that bathroom shower remodel. A very clean look and it appeals to me. Trying to get a few ideas for what to do with my own. Suffered a bit of hidden water damage behind the walls so had to knock it all down. Planning a renovation, just need some ideas. Thanks for the article.

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